Break Time

As I’m sure most of my followers have noticed (if there is anyone left following me), I’ve been on hiatus from blogging.  I’m sorry to say that its going to continue.  I won’t delete my blog, and I do sometime plan to come back to it.  But for now, I just haven’t felt very inspired to write for the public.  I’ve been very busy with work and my studies, family and pets.  And I’m having some inner termoil best kept personal.  So for now, I’m logging off.  Have a wonderful summer, everyone!

The One With The Ducks

On March 27th I brought home 2 ducklings from our local farm supply store.  I had always wanted a pet duck, but never really thought it would be a reality.  Then one day my mom said there were a couple of ducks running around near her friend’s house, and that she was going to bring them to me.  Well when she tried to catch them, they led her to their home.  So she left them alone.  But since she had been talking to me through the whole deal, she promised to get me baby ducks.

17508_1621111591437191_405903922970114671_nWhen they came home I had no clue what I was getting myself into.  The were these 2 tiny, yellow, loud, messy birds.  So fragile, but so adorable.  I brought them home with food, a watering container, a feeding container and no previous knowledge of how to care for any “wild” bird.  I researched a lot online, finding the majority of the useful information on (I highly recommend it).  I found out that these 2 are a breed of duck called Pekin.  They get pretty big, between 8-13 pounds.  And they will be big and white like the Aflac duck.

11159445_1625917250956625_1731729938403323065_nThe first couple of days they stayed in a large plastic tote with the lid off.  There was enough room in there for them to move around and make a mess without staying dirty themselves.  Then I borrowed a handmade snake box from my boss at work, and that worked for a brooder for them for a couple weeks.  However when they would play in their water, it didn’t dry.  So I soon put them back into the plastic tote.  When it got warm during the day they were outside in a small fenced area of the yard, and during the night or when it was colder they were inside in the tote.  Then one of them got sick, and since I had to take her to the vet I had to give them names (which I could never decide on before).  Since they seemed like a male and a female to me, I named them Cecil and Lola.  Lola was sick.

11081036_1091440920881955_7260427750512286939_nIt started out that she was just lethargic.  Then she just got weaker and weaker.  Following a veterinarian’s advice, I tried to syringe feed her for about a day and a half to two days.  But it wasn’t helping.  When she quit having any interest in water I knew it was time to do the humane thing and put her to sleep and Sean buried her in our back yard.  It was a sad day, but I didn’t want to see her suffer anymore.  I never thought I could be so attached to a duck, but I cried.  I still don’t know what was wrong with her.  I don’t know if it was an intestinal blockage or an infection or something else.  But Cecil stayed healthy.

10982198_1634458613435822_8249526995915291176_nCecil had a hard time adjusting to being alone.  But instead of being bonded with Lola, he re-bonded with me.  He’s been my buddy ever since.  He still comes in and sleeps in his tub at night so I know he’s safe.  There’s barely room for him to move around much in there anymore, but he seems to like it.  When he comes in at night he just settles right in.  He likes to cuddle up with me on the couch when I let him in.  Otherwise he likes to float around in his wading pool outside all day.  He gets along with the dog and cats, and definitely stands his ground when they try to push him around.  The kids adore him as well.  He likes to eat the dog’s food quick before I put him to bed, when he comes in at night.  It just makes me laugh.  At nearly 2 months old, he’s a very loved and spoiled duck.  He has brought me so much joy.  Like I said, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I’m so glad he’s a part of our family, and I hope we can enjoy him for many more years to come!


Life Is Good

Today I had a pretty great afternoon.  I had the time to look around and soak in all that I have been blessed with.

I have the home for my family that I’ve been wanting for years – enough bedrooms for us all and a large yard.  We have room for all the things we need and a little extra for the stuff we want.  We have enough room in the yard to plant flowers, a vegetable garden, have a pool and a place for bonfires, and there’s still room for the kids to dig in the dirt and for the dog to run to her heart’s content.

I have a wonderful husband who enjoys taking care of said yard, and who does everything he can to take care of and provide for our family, and who loves me the way I deserve to be loved.  He supports me through my injuries and health issues, shares interests with me (even when he’s not really interested), listens when I tell veterinary stories about work even when he’s grossed out, and still holds me in bed at night.

My boys are all healthy, happy and well cared for.  We are all healthy and happy for that matter.  People and pets alike.

everythingI have a great job in the field I have always been passionate about.  Its a dream job for me, really.  And starting as a kennel assistant and working my way up to veterinary assistant has really made me understand how things need to be done, and different aspects of the job I would not have otherwise understood as well any other way.  The doctor I work for is a great employer who understands the needs and demands of a family.  He is the most understanding boss I have ever had, and we get along pretty well otherwise too.  Everything about my job is just amazing!

I have enough room, landlord permission, and the income to have pets.  We have a dog, 2 cats, a duck and 2 chickens.  They all bring me so much joy, and bring such richness to my family.  They teach the kids patience, responsibility, and compassion.  And they are amazing companions.  I have always loved animals, but to be able to fill my home with these amazing critters is a true blessing.  The birds are a new experience for me, and the routine of taking care of them and their unique kind of companionship is really exciting for me.  Especially the duck – he’s my buddy.

Overall I have a truly blessed life.  I really couldn’t ask for much more.  This is all I’ve been wanting, and I worked to get it.  So now I get to cherish every moment of it.


How do I get it back when I’ve reasoned it all away?  How do I get back the security in knowing that someone is watching over me, helping me along, and guiding me through life?  How do I get my head out of science and just regain my faith again?  I feel like I’ve let it go too far, and I can’t stop now.  Its lonely in this place of no faith.  I really need some guidance.

If It Wasn’t For My Dad…

I1209119_1408900915991594_479818809_n‘ve been thinking a lot lately about all of the experiences I’ve had in my life for which I can thank my dad.  He was only my mom’s roommate when I was born, but blessed us by taking on the role of my daddy.  Growing up, I spent every other weekend with him, time during summers, and was able to visit his parents who I grew to know and love as my grandparents.  He helped teach me about Christianity and the church community.  He took me on road trip vacations around the mid-west sites such as Mt. Rushmore, Meramac Caverns, The St. Louis Arch, The Badlands, Devil’s Tower, and so much more.  He encouraged my social relationships by allowing me to bring my friends along for my weekends with him, and by letting me throw birthday parties.  He taught me a strong work ethic by example, working at a steel plant for close to 30 years.  He taught me the value of money by making me work for the allowance and privileges he gave to me.  He taught me respect for my parents by example from the respect he has always shown his parents.  My life was truly enriched from having him in it.  I am so thankful and blessed.

Dad if you read this – I know we parted on bad terms, but not a day goes by that I don’t miss you.  I miss talking to you, I miss your hugs.  I miss your pushes in directions I wouldn’t normally go (even when it seemed like I didn’t like them).  I hate that you aren’t the presently the amazing grandpa my boys deserve.  I would love for them to experience your passion for baseball, or for them to attend church with you.  I want them to have your influence in their lives.  I want them to KNOW you.  And I’m lost without you.  I pray that some day you approach me so we don’t have to stay at odds.  I don’t feel like our difference in opinions should ruin a whole lifetime of memories, and of you being my dad.  I’m sorry that it has for you.  But I will always love you anyway, as I was raised to do.

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