STOP This Rape Culture

This is seriously getting out of hand.  Not only the few mentioned here, but also the many not mentioned or noticed, the law enforcement, the college students, the parents and family members and MANY, MANY more people who perpetuate the acceptance of such abuse…. this needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.  It is NOT okay.

Time For A Tea Party!

My sister and I came across this Viner named Daz Black.  He’s all over the interwebz, but we have been laughing our asses off at some of his Vine compilations on YouTube and such.  And today we made our own fan video.  Just wanted to share.  :-)

And here’s ours

Plans Changed, and Back To Following My Dream

I went through all that orientation and training to find out I was not a fit for the letter-carrier job after all.  I went in for my first day of on-the-job training, and within the first couple hours my right hip was in so much pain I couldn’t continue.  I have had chronic hip pain for about 5 years now, but it had been improving lately with daily medication and a little bit of weight loss.  However, walking up and down peoples front steps proved to be too much.  It was a very rough day for me.  I was very upset with myself and quite disappointed.  I had finally accepted that this was the job I needed to do, and I was starting to look at it as a new adventure.  So I had myself all psyched up to get started, and then my body betrayed me.  By the time I had confessed my issue to my trainer, and then explained the issue to my boss, I was in full-on panic mode.  But then I came home to the irreplaceable comfort of Sean, and I was able to relax and let the anxiety fade away. Though it has cost me that job, I refuse to let it get in the way of anything else.  I will be pursuing physical therapy and some means of solving this physical limitation as soon as I possibly can.  Though the postal job was a huge disappointment in terms of my physical capabilities, it was a lesson learned.  I learned my limits, and that I need to get into better shape.

il_340x270.524173842_p777On the plus side, I can keep my job at the vet clinic!  My co-workers all seem to be quite pleased with that, and it feels wonderful to be appreciated at a job that I love so much.  I may need to get a second part-time job for a while, but that is quite alright with me.  So I’m choosing to focus on the good in this situation.

On Spiritual Emergency, Shamanism, Mental Illness, Therapy, and Anti-Psychiatry Sentiment in the General Pagan/Polytheist Community


So much of me is in this post!

Originally posted on Foxglove & Firmitas:

Alternative Title: I’m Gonna Keep Talking About This Until It’s a Generally Accepted Thing…

It happened again. Someone posted another article on mental illness being a sign of a healer being born on the Local Pagan Facebook Group with the general overarching but not direct message being that all native and ancient cultures saw it as this. Now I don’t deny that mental illness can be the birth of a healer. I’ve known too many people who have struggled with a history of it, myself included, that haven’t found themselves called to help others dealing with similar problems.

However, these articles tend to stress how society is actually the sick one, and how we need to stop shoving pills at people to fix all their problems.

Anyone who has ever been on psychiatric medication will probably tell you that pills don’t solve all the problems and most professionals are pretty…

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Without Faith

I am having a problem with my spirituality.  I feel like I’ve lost it entirely.  My faith and well-being has been replaced with skepticism and doubt.  I always want to know how everything works, and over time I have become so jaded that I don’t even truly know if a creator or spiritual realm exists at all anymore.  It seems like with knowledge, all of the spirituality I have ever felt has been reasoned away.  Ghosts can be explained by existence through multiple dimensions or a multi-verse.  Near-death and out of body experiences can be explained by the way the brain reacts during trauma and electrical impulses.  Miracles and mysteries all have an explanation if you turn to science.  This place between abstract thinking, knowledge, wisdom, and the basic human need of feeling like I belong is a very lonely and sad place to be.  It makes me feel like I am without purpose or reason.

I want so desperately to be able to believe again.  I want to know that God(s) is [up in Heaven] or all around me, looking over me, and only giving me what I can handle.  I want to believe that this is a life I chose for myself for the lessons it is mg21028061.400-1_300teaching me, and that every day is a blessing.  I want to find that positivity again.  And I want the community that comes with it.

Birth, life and death is all a cycle that happens to everything in existence.  I wish to be able to just shut off the skepticism and the need to know everything and just have blind faith in love and the spiritual realm.  Its such a happier and more fulfilled place to be.  I hate over analyzing everything.

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